Sandspout Bookstore

Recommended Reading


The shop sort of hones in on vintage literature, novels and poetry published in the first half of the twentieth century. Here, then, is a selection of recommended books to read. Books are listed decade by decade, books in some way redolent of their era, the first of their kind, or a starting point for so much else.

British Retrospective

the 1900s : Victorian Aftermath
the 1910s : Edwardian Summer
the 1920s : Inequality & the Last Hurrah
the 1930s : Urban Life & Political Shifts
the 1940s : Dunkirk Spirit & the Blitz
the 1950s : Austerity & Recovery

American Retrospective

the 1900s : The New Century
the 1910s : Hope & Ideals
the 1920s : The Jazz Age
the 1930s : The Great Depression
the 1940s : The Second World War
the 1950s : Peace and Prosperity