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The Easter Torch
I. L. Caragiale


Included also is Caragiale’s short story At Manjoala’s Inn. Both stories are rather dark. Although he is best known as a playwright, he wrote hundreds of short stories, and is celebrated for his observation and wit. His closest European literary equivalent may be Checkov.

Translated from Romanian by Lucy Byng, published first in Britain in 1926 in an anthology of Romanian short stories.

C6 format paperback (114mm x 162mm)


ION LUCA CARAGIALE (1852 – 1912), born in Wallachia, was of Greek descent, he claimed from humble origins. He was educated in Ploiesti and found early work in the theatre in Bucharest. He was published when 21 under a pen name, and was drawn to the liberal politics of the time; he became a celebrated member of the Junimea, the foremost literary movement of his time, but his political leaning changed throughout his life. Temperamentally he tended to fall out with authority, enough to deny him acceptance within the cultural elite of his time. Various administrative work complemented his career in the theatre and he is regarded now as Romania’s most significant playwright; he wrote also many short stories, poetry and much journalism. His writing is highly satirical and flooded with humour. Financial problems were constant, but an inheritance allowed him to spend his later years in comfort in Berlin.