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The Dark Philosophers
Gwyn Thomas


Sex, murder, and a devastating, humour mark these three novellas that Gwyn Thomas wrote in 1946. In Oscar, the narrator of death and exploitation fails to fend off the evil that envelops him. In Simeon, the abuse of sexual and family power ends with violent death, and in The Dark Philosophers itself, the grimly humorous philosophers gather in an Italian café to tell the tragic tale of revenge and manslaughter that they engineer.

Parthian Books, 9781902638829
Paperback 296pp


Writer and broadcaster, Gwyn Thomas was born in Cymmer, Porth in 1913. His other work includes The Alone to the Alone (1947), All Things Betray Thee (1949), The World Cannot Hear You (1951) and Now Lead Us Home (1952), as well as short stories, plays and an autobiography.

“Thomas Hardy met Damon Runyon over a loving cup of small beer.” – New York Herald Tribune, 1947