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Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times
Thomas Hauser


Paperback, 544p, illus
Pavilion, 2012

Winner of the William Hill Sports Book of The Year Award

In the words of over two hundred of Ali’s family members, associates, opponents, friends and enemies, this comprehensive and honest portrait relates his legendary sporting accomplishments, as well as the high drama of life outside the boxing ring. From Olympic gold in Rome, to stunning victory over George Foreman in Zaire, every historic victory and defeat of Ali’s career is covered. His controversial embrace of the Nation of Islam – with the renunciation of his ‘slave name’, Cassius Clay – and the historic refusal to be inducted into the US Army makes for compelling reading.

Ali became America’s first national conscientious objector, and with a willingness to stage his fights in Third World locales, he continued his advocacy for people in need which was honoured in 2000 when he became a United Nations Messenger of Peace. Charismatic, dedicated and a skilful self-publicist, Muhammad Ali was the embodiment of the American Dream. This is the ultimate biography to match Ali’s lifetime of extraordinary achievements.



“A superb book; hilarious, sad, moving and hopeful – The TimesA monumental achievement…it documents every facet of his extraordinary life” – The Daily Telegraph

“Hauser’s achievement in chronicling the life of Muhammad Ali is monumental… triumphant and harrowing at one and the same time” – The Guardian

“A tour de force” – The Observer

“Compassionate, intelligent, fair-minded, definitive, and certainly exhaustive” – The New York Review of Books

“A delightful summer read” – The Los Angeles Times

ISBN 9781907554803