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Mrs. Martell
Elizabeth Eliot


Obsessed with money and class and all the appearances of a sophisticated life, but coming herself from genteel poverty, Cathie Martell rarely loses her focus on getting what she wants, regardless of the feelings or happiness of those who get in her way. Her Aunt Violet, for example, who finances her education, or her first husband, or the man she’s set her sights on to be her second (not to mention that man’s current wife).

Elizabeth Eliot’s third novel, first published in 1953, follows an utterly self-absorbed, superficial woman from her teens to her second marriage. But if that sounds unsavoury, you clearly haven’t encountered Eliot’s giddy prose, as packed with clever insights and a sharp eye for detail as it is with humour. With an introduction by Elizabeth Crawford.

Dean Street Press, 9781912574636