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In the Ring with James J. Corbett
Adam J. Pollack


Hardback, 360pp, illus
Win By KO Pubs, 2012

This is the most thoroughly researched boxing-detailed biography of James J. Corbett’s career ever written. It reveals new dates, bouts, and facts, shedding fresh light on his experience, skills, and ability. It meticulously describes his bouts and provides multiple viewpoints by local next-day newspapers, giving it unparalleled authenticity and accuracy. The exhaustive research provides an encyclopedic wealth of knowledge about Corbett’s boxing career. His bouts are placed into social, legal, racial, and historic contexts, including anti-prize-fight laws and the color line. Corbett’s complete career record is included, as well as 53 photos, 813 footnotes, a bibliography, and an index.

ISBN 9780979982255