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In the Green Tree
Alun Lewis


Through his letters home and six short stories, Alun Lewis paints a vibrant picture of life in India as a British serviceman during World War II. Intimate, vivid, observational and always filled with emotion, In The Green Tree, published in 1948, is a rare literary example of one Welshman’s experience of empire and war.

Parthian Books, 9781902638874
Paperback 202pp


Alun Lewis (1915-1944) was one of the generation of writers born in the first two decades of the twentieth century who contributed significantly to Welsh literature through the medium of English.


His first volume, Raiders’ Dawn and Other Poems, was followed by The Last Inspection (and other stories) in 1943. A second volume of poems, Prepared in India, appeared after his death in 1945 as Ha! Ha! Among the Trumpets.