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Congratulate the Devil
Howell Davies


Starling knows a chemist called Roper, who knows a painter called Jourbert, who knows a man in Mexico who works for the government. Mescal has always had its routes into the world. There has been a new shipment, but not quite what anyone expected. This is a new drug. It opens the doors of perception for a man like Roper hiding away in his north London laboratory. He can make people work for him, turn his friends into fools or murderers, if only he could control his own mind. Anita is such a beautiful woman but she could never love a man like Roper. Power, pleasure, always corrupt…

Parthian Books, 9781905762798
Paperback 264pp



Howell Davies was born in 1896 on a farm at Felingwm near Carmarthen. He joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers on his 18th birthday in 1914 and served throughout the First World War, being wounded twice and commissioned captain. Educated at the Sorbonne, Oxford and Aberystwyth University, he became a freelance journalist and editor for a wide variety of publications and organizations. He was editor of The South American Handbook, from 1923 until 1972. His best-known works are the three novels published by Gollancz just before the outbreak of the Second World War, most notably Minimum Man (1938), which was widely serialized. This was followed in 1939 by Three Men Make a World and Congratulate the Devil. He died in 1985.