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Bramton Wick
Elizabeth Fair


In Bramton Wick, the setting of Elizabeth Fair’s cheerful debut novel, tensions and resentments—not to mention romance—roil beneath the polite interactions of its charming and eccentric residents.

There’s upper crust Lady Masters, taking the good things for granted but thoroughly cowed by her gardener. There’s Gillian Cole, a war widow, and her sister Laura, for whom romance may (or may not) be in the offing. There’s Miss Selbourne and “Tiger” Garrett, who met driving ambulances during the war (the first one, though Miss Garrett does get them confused). There’s Major Worthy, who is quite energetic for an invalid. And there’s the three Misses Cleeve, who are “all remarkably like toads” and who have a casual relationship with the truth.

Dean Street Press, 9781911579335
Paperback 210pp