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Sandspout issue 3

Andrew Kay           Cartoons
Nic Jones           Interview with Trevor Watts
Kristin Grogan           Adventures of a Social Poet: Langston Hughes in Russia
Eoghan Joseph Totten           Double Bind: Negating Plurality in 2017
Dennis Harrison           Fettled Hands
Sarah Milne Das           One Year
Charles Foster           Why I Lived Like a Badger, an Otter, a Deer, & a Swift
Yvonne Eller           India & Bali: A Travel Jotting
April Elisabeth Pierce           Casual Monologue in Four Acts
Dennis Harrison           The Tale of Arthur: Top Shop Dog
James Benmore           Bitter
D. A. Adamson           The Miner who would be a Gannet
Mark Mayes           Threads
L. A. Ferguson           Fish after Fish after Fish   [an extract]
Michael Horovitz            In Memoriam Stan Tracey (1926-2013)
Kelley Swain            Three Poems
Andrew Smardon            Three Poems
Jude Cowan Montague            On the Steps of St John
Judi Sutherland            Milepost on the Trent & Mersey
Jenny Lewis            Gilgamesh Retold   [an extract]
Heathcote Williams            The Statue of Liberty’s Burka
Eleanor Rees            Dialogue with Pen Món Cross

Sandspout issue 2

Andrew Kay           Cartoons
Nic Jones           Interview with Matthew Shipp
Heathcote Williams           “What TimeAnd Where?” A Portrait of Harold Pinter
Dennis Harrison           The Momentum of the Moment
Martin Potter           London’s Real Presence: The Anathema of David Jones
Simon Image           William Blake in Lambeth
Moreen Masud           No Protective Curve: Glenda Jackson & Stevie Smith
Dennis Harrison           Three Jazz Portraits
          The Jazz Etiquette
          Father & Son: Cat Stevens
Ioanna Mavrou           Books Ex Machina: Matchbox Stories
Dennis Harrison           Sazburg: Mozart & Lot’s Wife
Peter Whitfield           Georg Trakl: Salzburg’s Other Son
Sally Bayley           Miss Marple
Yvonne Eller           Conditioning Philosophy
A. Heretic           Rebellion & Scar Tissue
          Gloves & Swing: King Joe & Count Basie
Malcolm Parlett           Reflections on Launching a Book
          Recommended Historical Novels for Children
          The Bodleian Library
Emma Rault           Guttenburg Square, Summer of 2009
A. S Arthur           In Vino Natus
Baret Magarian           Island
Yvonne Eller           The After Man
Ray Keenoy           Last of the Yiddish Poets
Sally Lane           Father Turtle-eater
Sam Sussman           Being Bigger
Virginia Moffatt           Vote Leave
Virginia Moffatt           Horror Stories
Humphrey Astley            In Memoriam Stan Tracey (1926-2013)
Georg Trakl            Four Poems  [transl. Peter Whitfield]
John Lanyon            Two Poems
Andrew McNeillie            Two Poems